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Oh, My Leg!!!

Friends should know that Brenda and I didn't blindly jump into our current business.  As a matter of fact, I'm the skeptical type, and I wanted to take a "wait and see" approach to a number of things, including whether the products we were going to deal with really worked.

As it so happened, I'd somehow hurt my left leg before our first sample products arrived.  I haven't a clue what happened to the leg -- I've always been in great shape (as a lifelong hockey coach), and injuries seldom stayed with me for more than a few days.  This thing with my leg, though, was something else.  It even started getting in the way of Brenda and me taking our nightly walks, and it stalled me from continuing my daily exercise program.

Enter the tube of balm shown to the right.  Brenda pulled it out of the box, handed it to me, I rubbed the salve into the back of my leg, and I instantly started feeling better.

I kept the treatments up about three or four times each day for a…
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My Little Red Beamer

Anyone who is familiar with BMWs probably noticed that the one in our short filmstrip is kinda old.  Actually, that pic is a reminder of my favorite car of all-time -- a 1980 BMW 320 i, that was red and looked pretty much like the one in that photo.

Why is it still on my mind?  Well, I was going to keep that car forever and ever.  I loved everything about it -- it was fun to drive, it had a huge sunroof that was almost like being in a convertible, I loved the stereo, and so many other features. 

Love it or not, though, that car was totaled on me by a crazy driver one afternoon, and I've never found anything to replace it in more than 25-years (even a newer Beamer didn't cut it with me).
Now, here's something all of us have to know and remember...  It's important for each of us to have a "why" -- for doing anything.  I mean there are whys for us to get up each morning, and there are whys for nearly everything else we do.  As a matter of fact, it's sugges…

Visiting With Beth and Tony

Walking out our front door two Saturday mornings ago, Brenda and I immediately looked at each other and simultaneously smiled, "What a beautiful day!"  Yes, it was about 80-degrees, with a slight breeze that made things feel all the nicer.

We were off to run some errands, and more...

Amid a few stops at stores, Brenda and I decided to look for a local merchant she'd met over in the Tampa Bay Community Group.

It was easy enough to find Beth and Tony Chavez' shop in nearby Brandon.  Actually, they were doubly easy to locate on this day, because they had an awesome collectors' market going on in front of their own shop.