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My Little Red Beamer

Anyone who is familiar with BMWs probably noticed that the one in our short filmstrip is kinda old.  Actually, that pic is a reminder of my favorite car of all-time -- a 1980 BMW 320 i, that was red and looked pretty much like the one in that photo.

Why is it still on my mind?  Well, I was going to keep that car forever and ever.  I loved everything about it -- it was fun to drive, it had a huge sunroof that was almost like being in a convertible, I loved the stereo, and so many other features. 

Love it or not, though, that car was totaled on me by a crazy driver one afternoon, and I've never found anything to replace it in more than 25-years (even a newer Beamer didn't cut it with me).
Now, here's something all of us have to know and remember...  It's important for each of us to have a "why" -- for doing anything.  I mean there are whys for us to get up each morning, and there are whys for nearly everything else we do.  As a matter of fact, it's suggested that whys can provide us some great motivation when it comes to doing a little something extra.
If you get my drift -- about the whys, you ought to also see the connection with my want once again for my very favorite car.  Oh, trust me, that Brenda and I have a lot of other things we want or need before we'll go car hunting.  However, I need my own why (or whys) to keep me personally motivated.

Do you have a why or two?  I'm sure you do.  However, if you aren't reminded of it everyday, it probably isn't going to be much of a motivator.